The Freedom Center has served Knox County residents in addressing their substance use and addiction challenges for over 30 years. We are an outpatient counseling and community prevention organization that values quality of service, individual respect and confidentiality and an efficient use of community resources to support our clients in developing healthy and sustainable lifestyles.


The Freedom Center staff respects the privacy of all clients we serve. State of Ohio mandates prohibits us from sharing your information with others unless we have secured your written consent to coordinate your care and individual treatment with those in your life that form your network and base of support to help you reach your goals and achieve the quality of life that you seek.

Request a call back

If you would like someone from the Freedom Center to call you regarding specific information you seek or consultation as to next steps for your specific circumstances, please click on the email link below and briefly describe the type of information or support you need. Our staff strives to return calls within 48 hours.


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Our special thanks to...

Chris Hurlow, of "Fast Eddy's" for his generous donations to our serenity garden. He has given us a wonderful stone that will feature our commemorative plaque, and a number of supplies to help us with our plantings and mulch. Our volunteers who are building the garden are very excited and grateful to see the garden develop into a peaceful and beautiful place to rest and reflect.

We are looking for donations and volunteers to continue our serenity garden. We want to add plantings, two benches, and a water fountain. Please go to our giving page to learn more about how you can help.

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Mental Health and Recovery United Way